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Review of A Free, Unsullied Land in Windy City Reviews

A review is up in Windy City Reviews.

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Novel Food: Mu Shu pancakes

In my novel,  A Free, Unsullied Land, Henriette’s brother Carl “wielded a knife with a surgeon’s precision and served each person crisp slices of skin and dark meat.” He’s aiming for so-called Peking duck, pumping air under the duck’s skin

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Goodreads Giveaway Starts October 7 — Only Ten Books

Goodreads Book Giveaway A Free, Unsullied Land by Maggie Kast Giveaway ends November 07, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

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Please Leave a Comment

Dear friends of my generation, Many have been baffled by the comment function on WordPress. I value any and all comments and will respond. Please speak up! Immediately under the post title you will see a date, my name and

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At the Crossroads of Write and Rite

Welcome to my new website, and the new site for my blog, formerly Ritual and Rhubarb Pie on Blogger, now here on WordPress. I’ll still be reporting on meals and other rituals, stretching that term to include annual family

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You Will Judge a Book by its Cover

You will judge a book by its cover, and so will every stranger who comes upon your book. Suddenly all those carefully crafted words must speak a visual language, must compress themselves into a single image. The cover on the

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Kyoto—Kaiseki Dinner at Next

According to a scroll curled delicately on the table at Next Restaurant, “Kaiseki layers the literal, hidden, and subconscious representations of nature and humanity in food in order to transport the diner.” On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, four of us

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Turkey Trot Redux—Asian-Tinged Thanksgiving

Erica ran it again this year and finished ecstatic, free of the shin splits that had plagued her. Gloria Zager and I awaited her at the finish line, where cold wind whipped our hair. Back home we continued a two-day

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Lessons Learned This Thanksgiving

What’s all this talk about gluttony, somnolence, and turkey coma on Thanksgiving? It’s not necessary. You can have much more fun without it. Here are some lessons I learned this Thanksgiving: 1. Start the day with a physical challenge. I

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Updates in Vienna

Vienna was my late husband’s home town when last I visited, over twenty-five years ago. He liked to feast on European details, like windows that opened inwards from the top or linear door handles. This time I stayed at the

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