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At the Crossroads of Write and Rite

Welcome to my new website, and the new site for my blog, formerly Ritual and Rhubarb Pie on Blogger, now here on WordPress. I’ll still be reporting on meals and other rituals, stretching that term to include annual family

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Last Stop on the DIY Tour—Berkeley

Arriving in Berkeley, California on a sunny day mid-February is an experience of instant spring. Small, pink blossoms drift slowly from Japanese plums, while big magnolia trees are covered with huge white and pink blooms and bright-red camellias adorn their

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Cupcakes, Anyone?

Stephen Elliott writes in last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review about traveling with his 7th book The Adderall Diaries. Forsaking the traditional bookstore route, he asks friends to host events for at least 20 people in their homes, and

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On the Road—Really?

Lucia Mauro’s review of my book was broadcast on WBEZ’s 848 this morning,and it came out great. I’d had a terrific time with her a few days ago recording short segments to accompany the review down at the station, and

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