Monthly Archives: March 2012

Reading From My Novel, Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf

A scene in which Henriette, the protagonist of my forthcoming novel, A Free, Unsullied Land, performs as the Spirit of Haymarket at a May Day rally at Haymarket Square. She gets stage fright, panics, and then resolves to embark on

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Remembering Everything

Last night Erica Kast and I scored a same night table at Next and ate twenty-nine tiny courses, each taken from a different year in the life of Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli in Roses, Spain, now closed. Though season tickets

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Lion Dance, Hustle, Hopleaf and Thaw

For eleven days in February I stayed with my granddaughters, Iris and Lola, in San Francisco while their parents went to Barcelona, a first-time vacation without children. I cooked, soothed tears, watched the Grammys with twelve-year-old Iris and helped her

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