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DIY Book Tour—Orca Books Rocks!

Olympia, WA, has lots of terrific public art. Like its art and like Evergreen College, also here, Orca Books is unique, courageous and comprehensive. They have books new and used from best sellers to self-published and an incredible variety of

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Cupcakes, Anyone?

Stephen Elliott writes in last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review about traveling with his 7th book The Adderall Diaries. Forsaking the traditional bookstore route, he asks friends to host events for at least 20 people in their homes, and

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Writing in Community

The book club at Ascension Church was an ideal way to bring a book to life in community: 22 people and an hour and a half of lively discussion. Writing is proverbially silent and solitary, and all those hours spent

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On the Road—Really?

Lucia Mauro’s review of my book was broadcast on WBEZ’s 848 this morning,and it came out great. I’d had a terrific time with her a few days ago recording short segments to accompany the review down at the station, and

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Make Your Own Oreos

These little darlings are the homemade oreos we have for our Christmas party each year. The recipe was in the late, sorely lamented magazine, Gourmet, and you can find it at epicurious under “double chocolate sandwich cookies.” We make them

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New Year’s Eve

Last summer, when sour cherries were in season, I froze a pound and a half, and a few days go I spent a meditative 20 minutes pitting them. The next day I made a pound of flour into pie dough,

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Christmas bash

My daughter, E.(who made the glass bulb above), lives in the basement apartment in my house, and a couple of times a year we have a shared party, so thirty somethings drink on their feet or sit on the floor

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